Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 and thanks 2015!

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It's 2016! I'm wishing everyone a happy, healthy and productive new year. I also want to say thanks to everybody who helped make 2015 a memorable year.

Just as it appeared my screenwriting was pushing through -- Jesse James: Lawman with Peter Fonda and Kevin Sorbo premiered in May 2015 and my sci-fi horror comedy Infectious or Squid-Tongue Sleepwalking Monster Apocalypse took second place in the Zed Fest Film Festival Screenplay contest in December -- my comics work was again in the spotlight.

Available as 11 x 17" print
The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, edited by Hope Nicholson, made a huge Kickstarter splash and was released in December 2015. This comics/slice of life/confessional anthology garnered attention around the world, and my Lichtenstein-inspired art was featured in a New York Times online article about the book. I was just one of many, many talented women (including Margaret Atwood) contributing to this, and I was pumped to attend the book release on December 9 at Page and Panel in Toronto, The anthology will be re-released with a new cover by Dark Horse Comics in October 2016. Many thanks to Eisner Award administrator Jackie Estrada for providing an interview for my story. I have made an 11 x 17" print of my full-page "See ya, babe!" faux romance comics art that appears in the book that I will have with me at comic shows.

Speaking of conventions, Ronn Sutton and I enjoyed attending Toronto Comiccon, Ottawa Comiccon, Prose in the Park, Fan Expo 2015 and Ottawa Pop Expo, and I learned a lot at Story Expo in LA. Ronn also enjoyed a successful signing of his Lucifers Sword MC graphic novel at Ottawa's Comic Book Shoppe on Bank Street in February.

Ronn had a busy year too, completing illustrations for the Lucifers Sword MC book, which came out in January, the Victims of War comic book written by ret. Col. Pat Stogran about Canadian veterans, which came out in November, and three episodes of the TV show Natural Born Outlaws, playing now on the American Heroes Channel in the U.S. and the History Channel in Canada.

Ronn and I greatly appreciate that we were able to collaborate with many other fine creators to do the things we love to do and have them reach you in 2015. We look forward to an exciting 2016! -- Janet Hetherington

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