Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gotcha by the short scares: Killer 63 on October 22 with The House on Arch Lane

Ottawa's Killer 63 fear fest is taking place at the Mayfair Theatre in Ottawa, Canada, on October 22 at 11:30 pm.

One of the films being screened is The House on Arch Lane (with script story credit by Janet Hetherington [me]).

In no particular order, here is the line-up (with an addition or two to come) for the sixth annual Killer 63 event at the Mayfair Theatre:

KILLER63 year VI

Victor Perpetual – Ray Besharah

Employee of the Month – Olivier Beguin

She's Not Gone – Randy Smith

Lone Fish - Zebrasseires music video – Luca F

The Mask of James Henry – Steve Villeneuve

The House on Arch Lane – Alexander Steinhoff / Alexander De Lukowicz
(See the teaser for The House on Arch Lane on YouTube.)

Good Samaritan – Jeff Campbell

Six Minutes – Ralph Gethings

Profile of a Killer – Chris Chitaroni

Happy Fuzzy Things – Matt Fincer

Emily – James Campbell

Games Night – Fiona Noakes / Islam Balbaa

Interestingly enough, I worked with Fiona Noakes on the short SF film M-Theory.

And I was background in her Bitter State video.

Small world!

Come to the Mayfair and see these films... they'll get you by the short scares!

Monday, October 17, 2011

The House on Arch Lane to screen at Killer 63 fest October 22

Killer news! The Mayfair Theatre screened the teaser for THE HOUSE ON ARCH LANE, my short horror thriller (for which I have script story credit), on October 2, 2011.

Now the Mayfair is going to screen the entire short film on October 22 as part of its KILLER 63 horror fest.

Movie lovers, come to the Mayfair at 11:30 pm and support THE HOUSE ON ARCH LANE and other Ottawa filmmakers.

Halloween thrills are coming early, so  get your chills on at the Mayfair on October 22!