Sunday, April 23, 2017

General Leia makes for great costuming

One of the greatest gifts that Carrie Fisher bequeathed to fans is a Leia for all ages -- from rebel princess to rebel slave to rebel general in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

When I first started attending conventions, one of the best and most fun activities was creating costumes of favourite science fiction and comic book characters. (We called it costuming, not cosplay, back in the day BTW.) I even won some awards. While I never created or wore a Princess Leia costume, I am now of an age and body type that a General Leia costume suits better.

I am more of a costume assembler than seamstress, so I found pieces at the Value Village thrift shops. I searched the Internet to look at photos of the movie costume and kept my eye out for items. I am pretty happy with the result.

The first piece I found was the plum/purple vest - $6.49. I was actually looking for pieces for a Jyn Erso costume (which I have also been assembling), but grabbed this vest when I saw it.

The next piece I found were the boots - $6.99. I love the fact they are tall with flat heels and super comfortable.

I looked for some time, but could not find a jumpsuit or flight suit in my size at a reasonable price. What I did find was an army green shirt that fit well - Tommy Hilfiger - $11.99.

On a separate trip, I found army green cargo pants that are a close match to the shirt - $14.99.

Then I located a belt to complete the look - $3.99. It's not exactly the same buckle that General Leia wears, but it works fine for my costume.

I do not have General Leia's double sapphire ring. The button on the vest says Join the Resistance. The cost to date is under $45.

I'll talk about my Jyn Erso.costume - I'm calling it Jan Erso - at another time!

You can chat with me about costuming and comics at the Ottawa Comiccon, EY Centre, May 12-14, 2017. See you there!

-- Janet Hetherington