Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from Janet Hetherington & Ronn Sutton

Happy New Year!

It was a busy year in 2011. Janet Hetherington was working on new screenplays, taking screenwriting courses with Screenwriters Online, and seeing the her short script the House on Arch Lane come to life from Germany's StoneHope Entertainment.

Speaking of the House on Arch Lane, please take the time to vote in support of this film with your "like" so it can make the cut for the Fear FĂȘte Horror Film Festival in Baton Rouge, Lousiana in October 2012.

But Janet hasn't forgotten her comic book creative roots. Artist Ronn Sutton is busy drawing the new Honey West / Kolchak The Night Stalker crossover event book for Moonstone Publications. The script is by Janet, who had a blast writing this story featuring two iconic TV characters.

Set in the 1970s, Honey is a seasoned private investigator while Kolchak is still earning his reporter chops, and the two are forced to team up to solve the mystery of a missing girl. When they discover a cult is involved, Kolchak’s radar picks up hints of the supernatural – but Kolchak is not quite willing to believe it. Ronn is pencilling and inking the book, which is due out in 2012.

Meanwhile, Ronn’s issue of Honey West #5 (the wrap-up to the "Murder on Mars" three-issue storyline by Elaine Lee) has been resolicited and will be coming out in early 2012. Get your comic shop to order one!

Also look for a new art from Ronn in the 1000 Ways to Die graphic novel trade paperback from Zenescope (based on the popular Spike TV television show).

Ronn illustrated a short story for the anthology (due out in 2012). Talk to your comic shop to order or check here for the Amazon listing

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Holidays from Ronn Sutton and Janet Hetherington

Wishing you a happy and creative holiday!
Season's Greetings from Ronn Sutton and Janet Hetherington

The top art is Honey West by Ronn Sutton.

The middle art is Elvira by Ronn Sutton.

The bottom art is Destine from Eternal Romance by Janet Hetherington.