Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moonstone announces Kolchak & Honey West #1 with rare Ronn Sutton cover

Ronn Sutton cover
Moonstone Publications has announced that Kolchak & Honey West #1, a full-color comic book written by Janet L. Hetherington and illustrated by Ronn Sutton, will be released in January 2013 with three covers -- one of which will be a rare cover (only 15% of the run) by interior artist Ronn Sutton.

Kolchak the Night Stalker, a news reporter who keeps running into inexplicable supernatural events, first appeared on television in the 1970s and is credited with inspiring Chris Carter to create The X-Files.

Honey West is a female private investigator created in the 1950s by Gloria and Forrest E. "Skip" Fickling as novels and turned into a 1960s TV series starring Anne Francis (of Forbidden Planet fame).

Ronn Sutton previously illustrated three issues of Moonstone's Honey West comic book with the storyline "Murder on Mars" by writer Elaine Lee.

This is the first time Moonstone has paired these two characters in a crossover adventure.

Fans of Kolchak and Honey West should visit their comic book stores to preorder, as the issue is being solicited now through Diamond comic book distributors in its Previews catalogue. Here are the details:

McClinton cover
Davis cover
Kolchak & Honey West #1
Story: Janet L. Hetherington
Art: Ronn Sutton
Covers: Malcolm McClinton, Ronn Sutton,  Hayden Davis
40 pgs, color, $3.99

Two top-tier investigators in one titanic team up!
High heels and Hedonism!
Young cub reporter Carl Kolchak falls into an ongoing investigation with Honey West, who is undercover at a gentlemen’s club!  Disappearing women are the main course, as they both fight to just stay alive, as the violence escalates and the case gets out of control!
(Covers: McClinton = 60%,  Davis= 25%, Sutton = 15%)

Point this out to your comic book shop owner:

***RETAILER INCENTIVE: for every 4 you buy, get one free!

Moonstone also announced a long-lost Kolchak novel being offered in January 2013.

Kolchak: Grave Secrets
Author: Mark Dawidziak
6” x 9”, 204 pgs, $14.00
ISBN: 978-1-936814-44-2

Previews exclusive! Rare warehouse find…long since thought of as out of print!
The first post-TV show novel ever written about Kolchak... This was published by Cinemaker press at $9.95. This is a first printing: 1994. The novel: Kolchak is on the trail of whatever killed land baron Glen Gilmore. The answers are buried 2000 miles away and more than 150 years ago!

“Excellently done. I read it in one sitting.” – Richard Matheson

To find a comic book store near you, check this site.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dov S-S Simens' 2-day film school sells sizzle and steak

Janet Hetherington and Dov Simens
Quentin Tarantino! Guy Ritchie! Will Smith! Stephen King! And now Janet Hetherington... all graduates of Dov S-S- Simens' 2-day film school.

Simens squeezed Ottawa into his globe-trotting schedule on August 4 and 5, 2012, which made me very happy. I had seen the ads and was intrigued. My key interest is screenwriting, but I wanted to know more about the industry.

Then Dov came to Ottawa and delivered the unvarnished truth.

It was a very hot -- the air conditioning at the Great Canadian Theatre Company wasn't functioning well -- and a very intense, jam-packed 2-day session. Producing. Directing. Screenwriting. Distributing. Protecting your work. Film vs. digital. How to shoot in 3D on an ultra-low budget.

Dov worked as a line producer for legendary indie film-maker Roger Corman. where he learned how to make films that are quick, cheap and most importantly, will sell. He passed along that knowledge with loud authority.

Dov Simens, Brooks Hunter and Dale Windle
Dov's key advice for "nobodies" like me with big Hollywood dreams... make an independently financed low-budget -- nay, micro-budget -- feature and get your name out there. He provided the blueprint to do it right here in Ottawa, but stressed that it's up to the budding film-maker to bring the originality and talent.

Dov also talked about how to raise money for each little epic. Some of the strategies were old-school (I kept thinking of Mel Brooks' "The Producers") and included strategies like "sell the sizzle, not the steak." However, Dov also discussed the new arena of crowdfunding through venues like Kickstarter (for U.S. citizens) and Indiegogo (which Canadians can utilize).

During the course, Dov revealed that he has been talking to Mark Burnett productions about being a judge on a reboot of the film-maker reality TV series "On the Lot." While not making films himself (he doesn't have the talent, he says, though he has a grand idea for a boob-a-licious feature), Dov is seeking investors for a new venture called, which would provide a virtual forum for micro-budget movie downloads.

After Day 2, Dov was joined by Canadian film-makers Brooks Hunter ("Kenneyville") and Dale Windle ("Rulers of Darkness") for a director and producer Q & A and pitch session, sponsored by A.C.T. (Acting for Cinema and Television), Aventus Films and Wired Wisdom.

I nervously pitched my contained horror feature "Basement," and while it wasn't the winning pitch, I came away with some useful notes on how to improve the story... and some colleagues who made the point of running up to me to say they'd love to see that film.

Now that's incentive to complete the screenplay and make the movie! (And yes, it's registered.)

 -- Janet Hetherington