Thursday, May 26, 2011

M-Theory May 26 at the Mayfair Ottawa

The "Tickle Me Ottawa" film Festival is rockin' the Mayfair Theatre (with laughter) at 7 pm tonight (May 26, 2011)!

The audience will pick the winners, so join us at Ottawa's Mayfair Theatre (1074 Bank St.). Tickets are available at the Mayfair Theatre box office ($6 for members, $10 non-members, $7 seniors, $5 for children).

Slipping Sideways (JF Dufault, Dir.)
Deep-seated secrets are exposed during a typical family Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks to a simple bar of soap, pent up emotions are unleashed, but will they be cleansed?

SNIP (Bill Lyle, Dir.)
An immature Paul faces a life changing event as his wife presses him to get a vasectomy. Plagued by fear, Paul's day and night dreams are haunted by the worst case scenarios. Finally, Paul takes a stand against the procedure only to be confronted and blackmailed into it by an unexpected foe.

Buon Giorno Sayonara (Karen Hope, Dir.)
A Japanese couple and an Italian couple witness each others arguments while on holiday at the English seaside. Although they can’t understand what’s being said, it’s clear to the Japanese woman (Kumiko), and the Italian man (Gherardo), that they’re both being taken for granted by their partners, who storm off, leaving Kumiko and Gherardo stranded together.

Labour Laws (James Glen, Dir.)

Labour Laws is a fun short film about a woman who returns to work after winning a court case for wrongful dismissal for being pregnant.

Breath of Fresh Air (Olesia Shewchuk, Dir.)
Travis (Andrew Fraser) wants to air a new side of himself to his flawless girlfriend, Amanda (Jessie Fraser). He's going to take their relationship to the next level… will this act rip them apart? In this cute romantic comedy short film, written by Brad Condon, directed by Olesia Shewchuk, one man's expectations pass through the ultimate test.

Emily's Sketchbook (Colin Gray, Dir.)
In this film within a film, Alex, a young writer, is busy trying to put the finishing touches on his latest romance story, 'Emily's Sketchbook' despite a serious case of writer's block and interruptions from an uncouth housemate. Unfortunately for Alex, Quinn, the leading man in his story has aspirations of being an action hero and continually tries to steer Alex's 'mushy, sissy' plot into an adventure packed melee. Alex must fight hard to keep his innocent love tale from being lost to a horde of pirates, ninjas, zombies, terrorists and irate gourmet chefs. However, the biggest surprise of all comes when leading lady Emily decides to take matters into her own hands.

Bugbaby (Rebecca Lorenne, Dir.)

Sammy Gregory is a 'special needs' infant - special in that he resembles a giant insect, and needs a constant supply of raw meat. His parents (Lara Fisher and Jared Martzell), are understandably at the end of their rope. They invite a social worker (Mink Stole) over to see if their baby can possibly be adopted to a more capable family. But when the social worker reveals herself to be more interested in punishing Sammy's parents than in helping anyone, little Sammy proves that he might be a valued member of the family after all.

The New Suited (Niels Beekes, Dir.)

is a pilot for a series about 'Suited'. Suited, along with Sarah and the E.R.I.C, are spies fighting the more modern criminals. Suited is chosen for this job because of his Lucky Hero Gene. This episode they take on Eugene. Eugene is a fantasy game addict that receives his powers in the real world and becomes crazed with it.

M-Theory (Lloyd Deane, Dir.)

Meet Neil Mundus. He’s a smooth talking, self-confident, chick magnet with a skyrocketing academic career and seems destined for greatness. Well...maybe in some parallel universe. The Neil Mundus who occupies this universe is a little more, err, challenged. But when pushed into a corner, even the worm turns. Just when this universe seems to be conspiring against him, Neil finds a way to turn the situation around. But making choices can have some unusual consequences in the realm of extra dimensions and M-Theory.