Saturday, July 11, 2015

California Dreaming: Comic-Con International San Diego 2015

It's been a few years since I last attended Comic-Con International in San Diego. It's on in full geeky glory right now, and while it would be nice to be there, I'm home in Ottawa and living vicariously through Facebook postings instead.

What thinking of San Diego does do is inspire me to work on my contribution to Hope Nicholson's The Secret Loves of Geek Girls. It's already a Kickstarter success, and will be a fantabulous collection when it's done. The line-up screams for exclamation marks. Margaret Atwood! Sam Maggs! Trina Robbins! Megan Kearney!, Danielle Corsetto! Brandy Lynn! Adrienne Kress! Stephanie Cooke! Diana McCallum ! Jen Aprahamian!  Katie West! and so many more. I love the cover by Gisèle Lagacé.

My story is called "Both Sides of the Table and Between the Sheets," and it will draw on my wonderful, awkward, funny and fun personal experiences as a geek girl. I don't think I'd have the gumption to go up against the A-list cosplayers at Comic-Con in San Diego now, but back in the day, I took a prize for entering the costume competition as Supergirl (along with Don Hutton as Brainiac 5).

My con cravings will be satisfied again in September when Ronn Sutton and I will be guests at Fan Expo Canada, taking place from September 3-6, 2015 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. It's a big show, and growing each year. While I will be behind the table taking commissions and the like, I am also hoping indulge my inner fan-girl and score a photo with Kate Mulgrew, who was a dynamite starship captain on Star Trek: Voyager and has impressed a whole new generation with her turn as Red on Orange is the New Black.

Still... despite the long travel, hefty hotel room prices and insane crowd, it would have been nice to be at San Diego. I'm thinking maybe next year, and maybe I better start planning right now.

-- Janet Hetherington