Saturday, July 2, 2011

Critters at Hog's Back Park

Please sir, may I have some more?
Happy Canada Day and Happy Fourth of July to all our friends enjoying the long holiday weekend!

Ronn Sutton and I went to freshly reopened Hog's Back Park in Ottawa on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and a variety of hungry critters came a-running to taste the peanuts we brought.

Mmmmm.... peanuts!
The usual culprits -- chipmunks and squirrels -- made numerous trips to get peanuts. A large crow kept careful watch from an overhead branch. While we didn't see any groundhogs, we did get a visit from a raccoon, who also seemed to like eating peanuts.

This was a surprise for us, because the last time we were at Hog's Back Park, we saw another raccoon. That one mot only refused to eat the peanut we offered, it looked at us with disdain and stomped on it instead. It then proceeded to try to get into a garbage can, Better pickings, I suppose.

Picnic for all at Hogs Back Park
The critters seemed quite happy with the peanuts today!

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