Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2008 Comic Book Challenge chooses MONSTER LOVE by Janet Hetherington

MONSTER LOVE is on the loose!

Janet Hetherington's newest comics creation, MONSTER LOVE, has been selected as a Top 50 entry inPlatinum Studios' 2008 Comic Book Challenge.

The Top 50 entry winners were announced July 2, 2008 by Platinum Studios, Inc. Janet is very excited to have her supernatural comedy, MONSTER LOVE, tobe a contender in this year's competition.

MONSTER LOVE tells the story of telephone psychic hotline operators PORTENT,GO-GO THE GORGON and SYRENE THE SEA SIREN, a.k.a. THE PSYCHIC FIENDS, whosebusiness is facing bankruptcy. College student HILLARY SU – nicknamedQUILLARY because she breaks out in spiky quills whenever she thinks aboutboys – comes knocking at their door looking for help with her love life, andopportunity comes knocking too. THE PSYCHIC FIENDS decide to retool andrebrand as a dating service for real monsters, calling themselves MONSTER LOVE.

Janet is no stranger to comics about paranormal paramours and dating horrorstories. She is the creator of ETERNAL ROMANCE, a self-publishedsupernatural comic book series that parodied 1950s-70s love comics andearned a place in Trina Robbins' book, "The Great Women Cartoonists." Janet also wrote stories for ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK (Claypool Comics) for six years.

"The Comic Book Challenge is an excellent venue to showcase comics from awide variety of genres," Janet says. "I love writing and drawing humor, andobviously I love writing and drawing comics with a supernatural and romanceangle. However, MONSTER LOVE is quite different from ETERNAL ROMANCE,because those comics were presented as a collection of short tales with ahorror hostess, Destine. MONSTER LOVE has been designed, right from thebeginning, as a complete, engaging story with a beginning, middle and end –and the story really takes off after the three pages submitted to the ComicBook Challenge."

Things have changed a lot since Janet self-published ETERNAL ROMANCE inblack-and-white in 1997.

"Color! The advance of digital comics andtechnology has given me the ability to produce MONSTER LOVE in color, and tooffer image uploads to various websites," Janet says. Janet intends topromote her MONSTER LOVE submission on various sites including her own (, as well here on as JanetinBloggerland,, Facebook, YouTube and other sites.

In fact, Janet has created a dedicated website,, to showcase MONSTER LOVE.

Being chosen as a Top 50 entrant is just the first step in the process. Next, Janet must create a three-minute video pitch to submit online forjudging. The panel of celebrity judges will then review the video pitch andoriginal entry, and choose the Top 10 entrants based on the submissions. TheTop 50 entrants have until July 31 to create their own, unique video pitch.Complete contest information is available at

Janet also plans to create a separate MONSTER LOVE short promotional video, featuring music by Ottawa composer Derek Audette, to show on YouTube.

If MONSTER LOVE is selected as a Top 10 entrant, the competition then movesto online voting in August. "This is why it's so important that I promote mycreation straight out of the gate – so people will be psyched up to see MONSTER LOVE as a comic book – and when the time comes, to vote, vote vote!" Janet enthuses.

Janet will be attending both Comic-Con International in San Diego andFanExpo in Toronto.

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