Thursday, March 13, 2008

Agnes Culpepper Needs You!

This is a call to support two of my comics projects!

I have two comics proposals in the running at Comic Creation Nation at This is a community-based website where members vote for their favourite comics "pitches" to be turned into comics.

There is a lot of work involved to create and post the pitches, including a complete 22-page script. I have two projects in the running -- AGNES CULPEPPER (a supernatural comedy) and EVOLUTIONARIES (a super-hero adventure, co-created with Ronn Sutton).

Please take some time to visit the website, register, rate the pitches and cast your vote by collecting your favourites in the "Swag Bag" and then ranking them in your collections area. Every vote pushes a project up the ranks in the chart.

You might also want to check out the art galleries by Ronn (Evolutionaries, Storytelling) and me (Girl Power, Thrilling Romance).

Thanks in advance for your support!

Janet (BestDestiny)

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